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Effects of Stress on Education, Career, and Life

October 09, 2020 Matthew Zinder, CRNA Season 1 Episode 26
Going Viral Podcast
Effects of Stress on Education, Career, and Life
Show Notes

Matthew speaks with Jon Lowrance.  He is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, an educator, a speaker on the lecture circuit, and the producer and host of The Anesthesia Guidebook Podcast, formerly From the Head of the Bed Podcast. He has been doing the show for over 8 years and recently changed the format and platform to put more focus on anesthesia-related topics.  Matthew and Jon have a conversation about the effects of stress and anxiety on job performance, especially if that job involves other people's lives. 

Jon's podcasts can be found at fromtheheadofthebed.com

The episode of From the Head of the Bed were Jon interviewed Matt:

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Ron Eslinger for hypnosis education and certification-healthyvisions.net

Peter Strube offering education and assistance to anesthesia students and graduates studying for the boards [email protected]

Komuso Design which provides the Switch device to assist in meditation and breathing exercises-komusodesign.com
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