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Provider Wellness Podcast

Matthew Zinder, CRNA

This podcast will discuss caregiver health and wellness from the broad to the specific. My aim is to educate while offering a unique perspective. The ultimate goal is to change the culture of poor self-care in the healthcare providers population. For those who take care of others, it's time to take care of yourselves.
Recapping This Year's Provider Wellness SymposiumNovember 22, 2022 Episode artwork Greetings From Australia: A Discussion with a Psychologist, Author, & Wellness CoachMay 20, 2022 Episode artwork Wellness Break: 12 Tips for Healthy SleepApril 27, 2022 Episode artwork Wellness Coach, Chaplain, & Retired Police Officer: A Fascinating Discussion April 06, 2022 Episode artwork Stress and Resiliency: A Discussion with a Surgeon and Life CoachMarch 23, 2022 Episode artwork The Long Term Effects of COVID on the Provider: A Discussion with a COVID ICU RNMarch 08, 2022 Episode artwork Self-Care for Professionals: The Provider Wellness SymposiumFebruary 23, 2022 Episode artwork The Last Going Viral Podcast Episode!February 22, 2022 Episode artwork Veteran Police Officer and Wellness Instructor Discusses our Culture of Poor Self Care March 26, 2021 Episode artwork Nutritional Innovator and Wellness Writer, Udo ErasmusMarch 12, 2021 Episode artwork Psychological First Aid: A Discussion with a Behavioral Emergency Response Team RNFebruary 19, 2021 Episode artwork The COVID-19 Vaccine: A Detailed Discussion with an Infectious Disease Physician February 05, 2021 Episode artwork Understanding Meditation and Why it's Relevant in Today's World January 22, 2021 Episode artwork A Toxicologist Discusses Wellness in a Toxic WorldJanuary 01, 2021 Episode artwork COVID-19 and Cell-Mediated Immunity: A physician discusses an alternative perspective on preventing spread.December 18, 2020 Episode artwork Making Friends with the KKK: An African American Musician's Mission to Change Minds-Part 2December 01, 2020 Episode artwork Making Friends with the KKK: An African American Musician's Mission to Change Minds-Part 1November 30, 2020 Episode artwork A Hypnotherapist Entrepreneur Discusses Business, Communication, and Current AffairsNovember 18, 2020 Episode artwork A Lifestyle and Fitness Coach Weighs in on Health and WellnessNovember 05, 2020 Episode artwork A Device that Assists with Breathwork and Meditation: A Conversation with the InventorOctober 24, 2020 Episode artwork Effects of Stress on Education, Career, and LifeOctober 09, 2020 Episode artwork Wellness Break: Hypnosis ExplainedOctober 01, 2020 Episode artwork COVID-19 Lessons Learned: A Follow-Up Discussion with the Infectious Disease PhysicianSeptember 22, 2020 Episode artwork An Expert Discusses Sleep, Insomnia, and COVID-19September 07, 2020 Episode artwork Self-Care Through the Eyes of a Professional PilotAugust 07, 2020 Episode artwork